Unlock your inner power: learn how to relax, feel more connected and to sleep better


About MyKiEnergy

Hello. We are Michael Hawkins and Carla Garner and we created MyKiEnergy to give people everywhere the chance to develop meditation, mindfulness and their intuition. We have been working in the field of spiritual self-development, meditation and mindfulness for more than 20 years. We have worked with people from all walks of life to help them unlock their inner power and become masters of their own destiny. Now we want to help you by giving you our knowledge and experience in a simple, downloadable course.

Tell me more about the course

You can be confident that our course works. We have run practical courses all across the United Kingdom and overseas. We also developed the 1st spiritual self-development courses to be run in a university in Europe, at the University of Westminster in London. In our Core Power Programme 1, we have chosen exercises that are easy to follow and proven to work. You will discover the amazing power you have inside you and be able to use it in your everyday life.

We will be adding other courses to our website in the coming months. Look out for our courses on the chakras, connecting to the universe, angels, guides and much more.

At MyKiEnergy, we want to create a family of people who all want to better themselves. We are always only an email away, so you can tell us how the course helps and what you need more help with. Sign up and find out about future courses, special offers and practical insights from Carla and myself.

  • About Carla

    I am Carla Garner and it’s a pleasure to be able to offer our Core Power Programme to you. I have been teaching meditation and self-awareness techniques for many years.

    I am a trained hypnobirthing teacher and a hypnotherapist. I taught at the School of Insight and Intuition in London from 2003-2009, during which time Michael and I created and taught self-awareness courses for the University of Westminster. I have been a trustee for the Iris Trust, a charity that implements mindfulness courses for women that have suffered from Domestic Violence 2009-2014.

    During my professional career I have witnessed many people’s lives dramatically change from just experiencing the power of simple relaxation and meditation techniques.I really look forward to working with you!

  • About Michael

    I’m Michael Hawkins and thank you for visiting MyKiEnergy.

    I developed my own self-awareness and intuitive abilities at the School of Insight and Intuition in London before becoming a teacher there from 2003 until 2011. As well as basic self-awareness techniques, I regularly teach courses on the chakras, angels and train energetic healers. I’ve taught spiritual unfoldment, meditation and mindfulness courses in the United Kingdom, United States and Mexico.

    I have also worked in education with children for over 20 years, which is my other great passion.

    I love watching people transform their lives using the simple techniques from our courses. I see them like a set of tools, which you can use as you wish. Some people are happy with simple relaxation techniques while others connect with the unconditional loving energy around us in the universe. Whatever your needs, there is something here for you.

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