Unlock your inner power: learn to develop your intuition and listen to your inner voice

Welcome to MyKiEnergy. Follow in the footsteps of 1000s of people who have developed themselves using our courses over 20 years. Today, we offer you the Core Power Programme 1, the first step in our Core Power Programme to help you develop your self-awareness and unlock your potential.

The Core Power Programme is a life changing course for those that seek to develop their mind, body and spirit. You will learn to harness your inner voice and connect to the power and energy available to you in the universe. By practising specially designed exercises you will be able gather more energy and let go of negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns that hold you back.

To achieve mastery of this, you will go through three distinct steps:

  • Learn to listen to yourself completely and follow your intuition;
  • Learn how to use your energy to be the person you want to be;
  • Learn how to use your energy to connect to the universe

Our courses teach you how to relax yourself completely, let go of tension and negativity and feel more grounded. They also teach you simple exercises for meditation and mindfulness. The exercises are very simple to use and have been designed to activate your unconscious mind and let you communicate directly with your own inner guru. They also develop your intuition or inner voice and give you tools to tap into this whenever you need to.

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satisfied customers

  • Graciela, Mexico
    Graciela, Mexico,

    I loved all of these exercises and I use them all the time.Graciela, Mexico

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  • John, London
    John, London,

    The more I do the exercises, the better the experience. AmazingJohn, London

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  • Gail, Nottingham
    Gail, Nottingham,

    This is the most powerful meditation course I have been on. I used to think meditation was hard, but you made it so easy.Gail, Nottingham

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